Paypticket is an online platform that gives latest and updated information related to parking issues such as NJMCDirect which is an online platform in New Jersey to find a parking ticket and pay the ticket online.

Through NJ portal you will get the fastest online transaction portal. You can make your payment within just a few minutes. You do not need to visit the court to pay your ticket fines.

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NJMCDirect portal is safe and secure because they strictly keep the user’s personal information private. As you are making an online transaction to pay your ticket fine, therefore, you can keep all the transaction records.

Save your time & get many discount offers

You can pay your traffic ticket online unless it is marked “Court Appearance Required”. In case your ticket is a market “Court Appearance Required” Then you have to appear in the court and your court will explain to you the different payment option. Otherwise, there are five simple and easy steps for Online payment.

  •  Find your information
  •  Choose what to pay
  •  Confirm your information
  •  Make your payment
  •  Print your receipt

Payment sites such as NJMCDirect not only provide an easy method to pay your ticket but also they give many discount offers and you can pay the ticket online at a cheaper rate as compared to traditional methods.

According to research, parking is becoming a big problem because the number of personal Vehicles increasing very rapidly. With the increase of Traffic the Sales of “No Parking Signs” increased too.

We just need to understand what the parking sign mean because there are a lot of Similar signs available nowadays and many people only understand few parking signs.

Always Park in right line

If we memorize all these above 23 mentioned parking signs especially Reserved parking signs, No parking signs on private property and parking lot signs then we can never get a traffic ticket.

Find our NJ DMV Hours, it is better to learn about the point system of New Jersey. In case you need any information regarding your vehicle or driving-related tasks, Then the best place is DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to go.