Ezpass NJ availability types and methods to get discounts

Ezpass NJ (New Jersey) is an amazing latest toll collection technology which allows people and businesses to pay their toll electronically without waiting in a long queue for their turn.

NJ Ezpass Makes traveling very convenient and easy. Basically, an electronic “Tag” is attached to the license plate number, roof or windshield of your Vehicle. The tag is activated at the time of Vehicles entry and exit locations of the toll plaza. Pay your Njmcdirect Ticket Online Using NJMDirect Portal

Pay your toll electronically with ezpass nj

The Toll plaza amount is automatically calculated by the system and it is deducted from prepaid toll account. The EzPass NJ login account also give many discount offers to its customer. If you have Ezpass Nj tag then it saves both your time and the money at toll facilities. Pay NYC parking ticket | New York State

The NJ EZPass is on the network of electronic toll collection. Any Vehicle that shows the E-Z Pass NJ logo will be accepted in the toll pass and also in cash lanes in new jersey. Additionally, other passes work on New Jersey toll roads too. Please refer to the compatibility lists below. No Parking Signs Complete detail and list

EzPass NJ availability type

There are two types of Ezpass

  • NJ EZ-Pass for individuals and families
  • EZ-Pass for business

EZ-Pass for individuals and families

The NJ(New Jersey) Permits its users to order their transponders and manage their account online. Individual and families can have up to four transponder tags per account.


  • The Vehicle should be individually owned.
  • The car should not weigh over 7,000 pounds
  • It must have a single rear tire means no tandem axles

E-Z pass for the Business

The businesses are allowed in New Jersey to get an unlimited number of transponder tags registered for a single account.


  • The Vehicle must be leased or owned by the business
  • It can have two or more axles
  • It can have tandem rear axles or multiple rear axles

Benefits of NJ EZpass

Traveling becomes easier and more convenient because now you do not have to wait in long lines to pay your toll in cash. Thanks to new jersey E-ZPass because it not only saves your money through discount offers but it also helps to reduce the traffic congestion. How do you legally fight the parking violations? Real-world Scenarios

Following Benefits, you will get with E-ZPass

  • The Fares are less as compare to cash rates.
  • 24/7 online account access, You can add funds, check balance & even you can print your toll statements.
  • You will automatically be enrolled in the Discount plan of NJ Ezpass that will save 25% to 50% of your money each month.
  • The more you use the Maine Turnpike, The more you will save the money.
  • Autopay is available that setups the automatic replenishment with a debit or credit card so that you can always have the money in your account.
  • You can get EZpass NJ customer service from Monday through Friday and ask a question related to Ezpass account.

How to get NJ EZpass?

You will need the following things to get an EZ pass

Simple Steps To create EZpass NJ

Follow these steps to get EZ Pass


First of all, you need to download the Ezpass NJ individual or business application form. NJ Dmv hours & the NJ DMV license renewal

Plan Description

After downloading the application decide which plan best fits your needs. You can check the plan description online. For example, the basic plan gets you everywhere and a discount plan is limited like it can get you only specific roads and bridges.

Payment method

Choose how you are going to pay for the toll tag. For example, you can pay through debit or credit card, you can also send a check or money order if you are low on funds. NJ Traffic Up to Date information & 511NJ Services

Pre-payment amount

Choose an amount to prepay in your account and mention this information in your application.

Personal and vehicle information

Enter your Vehicle information and your information and send the application


Access your account to set up a pin number for future use, you can also call to set up the pin number. Finally, affix the Ezpass in your car’s windshield. Congratulations you are done with your EZpass NJ process!!

EZpass NJ telephone Number

  • 1-888-2888-6865
  •  1-207-871-7771 (Outside United States)

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